I am Political consultant and moderator.

I shape innovation-promoting policies and bring innovation into politics. I am convinced that diversity and autonomy are necessary drivers for technological and social change.
I find a lot of inspiration by looking beyond the horizon. To other sectors and to other countries. As a Scandinavian scientist, especially in Europe's north.

Fields of action

Policy for Innovation

Social innovation and new technologies are the foremost conditions for progress. This requires tailor-made political structures – in civil society, science and the corporate sector.

I strive to enable open innovation through new professional interactions between established and unconventional actors. In order to design a new interplay of social and technological innovations.

To achieve this, I develop research and innovation strategies, design funding programs and support their implementation.

Innovation for policy

Germany needs a visionary, innovative public sector to remain competitive internationally. Contemporary research and innovation policies can only emerge in dialogue with society

Governments and public sector bodies need creative minds, collaborative ways of working across sectors and modern organizational structures.

My job is to create the necessary innovation labs and spaces to achieve this. I combine different international discourses and transfer best practices to Germany – most often from the Baltic Sea Region. This way, public products, concepts and services are designed in direct response to societal needs.


Talks & Moderation

As an experienced speaker and moderator, I present and communicate your topics at selected events. Upon request, I also design your event.

Strategy & Project

Our common goal in mind, I develop the necessary research and innovation strategies with a clear focus on your intended outcome and impact, a compelling concept and a professional and diligent project management.

Analyses & Publications

Would you like to inform yourself and others about a new topic? I support you with research, composing surveys and studies and convincing editorials that bring across your ideas.


Talks & Moderation

Int. Jahreskonferenz der „Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation“
Potsdam, September 2017 und Danzig, September 2018
Podiumsdiskussion zur Zukunft des Wissenschaftspark Potsdam-Golm
Mit den Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten für die Potsdamer Oberbürgermeisterwahl, Juni 2018
Buchpräsentation und Autorengespräch mit Tilmann Bünz
Estnische Botschaft Berlin, Juni 2018

Reiner Kneifel-Haverkamp
Head of Department, MdJEV

"Christin moderated the Baltic Sea States Sub-regional Cooperation (BSSSC) Annual Conference in September 2017 in Potsdam, Germany. Christin was well prepared and excelled with her good take on substance as well as on panellists. Witty and with a good sense of humour she grasped the audience of some 150 participants and managed unforeseen situation competently. I look forward to work with her together as a moderator and an innovation advisor."

Strategy & Project

Dr. Anne Schreiter
Executive Director, German Scholars Organization e.V.

"As interim manager for the programs of the GSO, Christin quickly got acquainted with the three different program strings and was able to independently find the right solutions for the tasks at hand. She not only adapted to the given program processes, but made helpful and insightful suggestions for improvement. Christin was also involved in the roll-out of a new program, mapping out the work flow structure and preparing guidelines. Christin's analytical thinking and moderation skills were a great benefit for our annual strategy workshop. She has a great sense of anticipating."

Analyses & Publications

Politics for Tomorrow
„Bürgerorientierte Verwaltung in Dänemark. Ministerin für öffentliche Innovationen stellt Bürger in den Mittelpunkt von Verwaltungshandeln“, Blog "Öffentliches Gestalten" von Politics for Tomorrow im Juni 2018
Deutsche Universitätszeitung
“Citizen Science. Lasst die Bürger rein. Wie der Dialog zwischen Politik, Zivilgesellschaft und Wissenschaft neu gestaltet und für das Agenda-Setting der Forschung fruchtbar gemacht werden kann“ mit Dr. Wilhelm Krull, DUZ - Deutsche Universitätszeitung im November 2017
Neue Gesellschaft/ Frankfurter Hefte
„Regionalpolitik als Mittel gegen EU-Verdrossenheit, Neue Gesellschaft/ Frankfurter Hefte, Januar 2013
Baltic Development Forum
“National and Cross-national Policies on Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region - A Comparative Perspective”, Bericht des Baltic Development Forums, November 2011

About me

Born in the north East of Germany.

Studied politics and administration in Potsdam, Germany, and Aarhus, Denmark.

Since 2011, I have supported political decision-makers at federal and EU level in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin in finding new ways of cross-cutting cooperation between science, business and civil society.

As a trained Scandinavian scientist with several years of professional experience in the Swedish public service, I get to the bottom of Nordic innovation.

I get a lot of inspiration from my partnerships with the Forum Northern European Politics e.V. and with the initiative Politics for Tomorrow.

In my free time, you find me in the sand or on the water.